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Screening Clinics

Remember: A simple annual health screening can go a long way.  for everyone..


Has it been more than a year since your last gynecological exam? Neglecting to get annual checkups is common amongst busy women, but it puts your health at serious risk. If left neglected, early conditions may not be caught in time to be treated appropriately before progressing to an advanced stage. We, therefore, urge all women to make an appointment for a PAP smear or health screening if it’s been more than a year since their last.

A simple screening may lead to early conditions being detected in time and treated appropriately before it advances further.

HER Clinic is dedicated to promoting total woman wellness throughout every stage of a woman’s life. We offer several health screening packages designed to suit different lifestyles and women.


  • Screening facilities located at the clinic, completed within hours

  • Privacy & exclusivity: minimal wait times, full report in 7 working days

  • Pre-marriage screens: counseling, reproductive fitness

  • Gynecological screens: routine surveillance for the busy woman

  • Menopausal screens: breast and ultrasound screening

  • Comprehensive Packages: clinical, blood & radiological tests to cover all health worries

  • Comprehensive STD Screening & Vaginal Discharge Workup

Cervical Cancer Screenings

Protect yourself and your daughter against Cervical Cancer—get vaccinated today.

cervical cancer can be effectively treated if detected early. Regular Pap screenings or cervical cancer vaccinations have proven to protect against it.

  • Our Centre is equipped with 2 of the most advanced vaccines available, protecting against the HPV virus that causes 93% of cervical cancer.

  • Vaccination can be started for girls as early as age 9, but all women can benefit from it.

  • Ideally, given before first sexual contact

  • Women above age 26 may also benefit

  • A vaccine is given in the arm/thigh 3 - times—on the first appointment, after 1- month, and five months after that

  • Vaccines are extremely safe. Side effects are rare and mild.


Enquire about our cervical cancer screening and the latest vaccines available.

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