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Why are Cesarean Births Normal and can be Preferred by Women?

Giving birth to a baby is one of the happiest feelings in the world. The mother may feel a hurricane of emotions like fear, excitement, love, and exhaustion during the period.

To give birth to a baby is physically challenging but also requires mental toughness. It’s better to be prepared in advance and make yourself aware of different delivery procedures and their repercussions.

What is a Cesarean Delivery?

Cesarean delivery, also known as C- section, is the surgical procedure in which incision is done in the mother’s abdominal region and uterus.

The health condition of the mother plays a significant role in the process. If she has high blood pressure, diabetes, or any infection, then the cesarean method is the safest option. Also, during birth complications like lack of oxygen and labour taking too long, the cesarean procedure is performed.

Pros of C-sections
  • Cesarean is considered as safe as normal delivery.

  • Less labour pain.

  • Ease and freedom in planning the birth of the baby according to the parent’s consent.

Cons of C-sections
  • Higher risk in future pregnancies.

  • Chances of delay in breastfeeding

  • Loss of blood

Reasons for C- section Delivery

Your doctor can schedule a cesarean delivery, or you can also plan it and discuss it with your obstetrician. Some common reasons for Cesarean are as follows:

1. Fetal Distress

If your baby is unable to get enough oxygen, your doctor may go for an emergency Cesarean.

2. Health complications

If the mother is going through complications like heart disease, gestational diabetes, and high blood pressure, then the vaginal delivery is dangerous.

3. Cord Prolapse

When the umbilical cord slips down the cervix before the baby is born, it is known as Cord Prolapse. This condition can be a risky situation for the baby.

4. Abnormal Positioning

When babies flip the script and their feet are positioned towards the canal is known as breech birth, or if they position their shoulder towards the canal is known as transverse birth.

In both cases C- Section is the safest choice.

5. Multiple babies

Carrying more than one child can put the mother in prolonged labour, leading to risk and distress for the mother. In such a scenario C- section is considered the safest.


Since pregnancy and delivery are not 100% predictable, it is better to be prepared for the unknown and leave the decision to the expertise of the doctor. In the end, the health and wellbeing of the mother and baby matters. Be grateful and celebrate your happiness.


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