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Paediatrics and Neonatology


Paediatrics is one of the most important specialities in the medical field, primarily because it requires expertise to identify and treat the health problems faced by a child. Children cannot communicate about their issues as easily as adults can. We need to thus, understand with great care about their problems and treat them with compassion.

Her Clinic houses one of the best paediatricians in Visakhapatnam, vastly experienced to treat any kind of illness or medical issue. Our paediatric clinic offers comprehensive care for children including vaccination, as part of our convenient out patient treatments.

From diagnosis to treatment, we offer a hassle-free and smooth experience. Our doctors combine the warmth of a mother with thorough professionalism. Understanding a child’s ailments, the diagnosis and successful treatment requires experience and expertise – something we are proud of.

For consultations with the best paediatrician in Visakhapatnam and vaccination for your child, book your appointment now.

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